Electric Super Cub – coming soon

Japanese Honda Motor launches serial production of an electric version of popular Super Cub motorcycle – called the EV-Cub.

It is assumed that the release of electric Super Cub will begin two years later, in 2018. The estimated circulation is still unknown.

As the main market for the model, at least at first, the market of South-East Asia region examines, where conventional gasoline version of the Super Cub is the most popular among other models.

The Super Cub is one of the most iconic and famous models of motorcycles Honda, which has recently celebrated the 55th anniversary and will soon celebrate 60 years of existence. The first Super Cub C100 went on sale in 1958. Since then this model has being sold in more than 160 countries. At first it was made only in Japan, but already in 1961 the first overseas production of the Super Cub in Taiwan was launched. Now motorcycles series Honda Super Cub are produced at 16 plants in 15 countries.

When Super Cub was put into production, the world of motorcycles was dominated by two-stroke engines. However, the first Super Cub generation had innovative 4-stroke engines. Super Cub C100 also got creative and original design, low-floor frame and a number of other interesting and new solutions for that time. As a result the design has not been changed for half a century.

The export of the Super Cub motorcycles was launched in 1959. Initially these models were exported to the USA and then gradually they appeared on other global markets.

The first Super Cub C100 was equipped with 4-stroke air-cooled engine, volume 49 blocks and a capacity of 4.5 HP. A million units of this model had been produced to 1974. In 1983 it achieved the unique rate of fuel consumption in 1 liter per 180 kilometers (at a constant speed during the test in 30 km/h). 20 millions Super Cub were produced was in 1992, 50 millions – in 2005.

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